Friday, October 13th

Friday, October 13th

written and directed by Drew Taylor

performed and commissioned by StrangeTown Youth Theatre, Edinburgh

venue: Leith Theatre

dates: FRIDAY 15th, SATURDAY 16th JUNE 2018


We live in the most average town in our country

And that will either make you hungry

For something else

Or happy just to stay as you are...

Friday, October 13th is the date Demi Tomlinson went missing, she was everything to everyone, and... not many people actually knew her.

Part Greek Tragedy, park interrogation room drama, part social media feed, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13th is an epic poetic play about community, loss and the mythology of teenage lives.

Assistant Directors: Charlotte Anderson / Bradley Lewis Cannon
Designer and Stage Manager: Katie Innes
Lighting: Kostas Christakos

Photo: Paul Johnston