"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the streets at dawn looking for an angry fix" –

Allen Ginsberg, HOWL, 1955


HOWL[ing] is an epic poem for post referendum Scotland using beat poet Allen Ginsberg's seminal piece "HOWL" as a basis...

We present a concert of words and music.

We present a concert of Yes and No.

We present a concert of a changed national financial, mental and social health...

A charming music theatre performance for all, celebrating the Scotland we find ourselves part of now.

HOWL[ing] was originally performed in October 2014 supported by by Glasgay! and the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. 


Information pack and technical specifications: download HERE

Availability: Now booking Spring 2015 onwards

Scale of Venue: Small to Medium scale - additionally the work can be performed minimally in a village hall/local pub

Company Size: 5 on the road

Length of the Show: 55 minutes, no interval

Description: new writing, music theatre, poetry

Language: English

Suitability: 14+

Tie-In work: We offer a range of educational activities, including masterclasses, workshops, and post-show discussions. Devising performance poetry workshops lead by Drew Taylor and the company. A short term visual exhibition by Photographer James Wilson is also available as part of a touring package. Local performances by HOWL[ing] musicians Julia and the Doogans is also available as part of a touring package. Please contact for more information.

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Contact: Drew Taylor, Artistic Director, +44 (0) 7841 677624


Text and Performance: Leyla Josephine, David Rankine and Drew Taylor

Music Composition and Performance: Julia Doogan with Jennifer Hamilton

Concept and Direction: Drew Taylor

Assistant Director: Robbie Gordon