written and directed by Drew Taylor

produced by Showroom in conjunction with Dumfries Theatre Royal and Platform Glasgow, funded by Creative Scotland.


Lammergeier is a new play. It's about what happens to the small amount of people at the epicentre of a national crisis, those who are on the front line - trying to fix the problem.

Lammergeier centres on two young veterinarian graduates who are enlisted to slaughter cattle during the foot and mouth crisis of 2001. They work tirelessly to efficiently put down hundreds of livestock per day. They seek comfort in whatever they can within such a dark time and the stress eventually leads to a horrific accident. The lengths that everyone had to go in culling the livestock population was phenomenal - 10 million animals were killed during this time, and in Dumfries [where the play is set] over 75% of all sheep alive at the time were killed with 177 premises affected in the region.

The piece is based on an actual event where a young vet was convicted of killing [man-slaughter] a colleague whilst "horsing-around" on the slaughter fields.

It will be a black comedy - true gallows humour. We will be slaughtering sheep, we will be "horsing around" with dangerous weapons, we will play games that only seem viable when we are really bored... We will elate and empathise with the plight of the young vets and we will feel a great injustice when one of them disappears at the end.,h_427,al_c,lg_1/64ea9f_5d158a00c09f472f9d8c76baa7dd64a8.png